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Well, 7 months is quite a long time. I have been so busy working on my career as a freelance translator, taking tax (Brevet A-B) course and trying to figure out what to do for the rest of my life. My choice as a freelance translator come up as one bit of coincidence and slowly become a part of my life. The result is quite promising although I have to struggle a lot for a long time yet I haven’t found any work that could make me stay for so long. And, I finally have the chance to update my blog now. My life as a freelance translator is quite hollow without much interaction with outside world (consider the long working hours I spent in my room) – this is an advantage and also a disadvantage. I get to use my time in the best way possible (Imagine the horrible road traffic in Jakarta and you would know what I mean), I could do the best work without have to spend my precious time on the road – going from here to there or even nowhere. But it is also not too healthy if I keep on like this. Not much contact with outside world, spending quality time only with myself, endulging in my hobbies as an anime / dorama fans (well, I downgraded from the lowlife leecher otaku to an ordinary anime fans and sometimes a loyal follower of certain series) would probably make me a freak in the end. There is the reward and also the risk, this is a choice that I have made and I intent to follow it to the end, no matter what people say. I guess that’s the summary of what I have gone through this 7 excellent months, I would later catch to you with more updates later. LOL


Bro Heathorn and Bro Ivan went out to buy me some Bday present. Since they knew my taste, they then came up with a nice birthday like this :

What a generous doc eh ? he drops IDR 1000 and don’t even bother to pick it back. seems like he is in a hurry to treat some patients. Bet that you wanna this kind of doc in your house since they make you feel safe. LOL

Found it a bit late, listen and repeat this song quite a lot then find time to post this one. I personally like her performance despite only following her since Communication Break. Her rock seemed to suit my ear and wasn’t disturbing sounds or randomly played notes. I like this song, and like it even more since aya dressed in black and the make up is suitable for her.

Have a sneak peek :

This blog is quite ronery, because of my laziness. So, as one of my resolutions of the year i have decided to keep this one update as frequent as I can. The starter post of the year is about this album by GND (Girl Next Door), one of my favourite bands. I have been listening to them since their debut in 2008, their songs have such a constant style that makes them unique than other bands that i have heard.

For more info about them, you can view it here

You can find this song “Jump” in their latest album NEXT FUTURE which will be released January 20th, 2010.

Here is a sneak peek of the song, include the cute vocalist CHISA 😀

Found this link while browsing to search update of news of SAMURAI SENTAI SHINKENGER, a tokusatsu series i’m currently watching. After browsing through several pages i found this link :


This video is about the word ONORE !!! (japanese word, meaning oneself, (insulting) you- literally what they mean i think is the word D*MN !!!) word count in several earlier tokusatsu series from 1985-1987, to be exact they are :

Dengeki Sentai Changeman (1985)
Dengeki Sentai Changeman

Choushinsei Flashman (1986)
Choushinsei Flashman

Hikari Sentai Flashman (1987)
Hikari Sentai Flashman

(if you want to know more detail ’bout them, you can check here)

So, just sit back and watch this video with laugh / weird feeling. ONORE !!!

Well,this is my first post since the last one at April. I have been at jakarta since 3 months ago. I spent most of my time outside since i stayed at my uncle’s house,  leave at 10 /11 AM back home at about 8 / 9 PM. Take a shower, borrow my cousin’s PC, applying for jobs, and then sleep. Well, i don’t do the same routine but this is what i do this several months :

– Posting at Kaskus


This site is Awesome ! you get new infos an lately i’ve tried to sell things in it’s FJB like Translate service, or my Ericsson W380 (which i cancel- notebook’s broken because i don’t have any more gadget to chat with friends T_T).  I’ve been posting quite a lot in it’s lounge, where new gossips or 17+ pics around (like sexy indonesian celebrities or megan fox-the lovely megan ^^). I’ve been it’s member since 2006 but i’m making use of it recently because of my free time ^^.

– Fasting on Hentai, Doujin, H related materials


I lived at my uncle’s, i think it’s not appropriate to view such material right now (Although sometimes i watch Hentai at my friend’s ^^’). I dunno if my cousins also watch this kind of thing (u know, Hentai-like them a lot, Porns- I don’t like those girls because of their play and their sounds, JAV- they are asians which is nice;this kind of thing). I think i’ll just wait until a lucky company employ me and i can find a nice place to live alone so i can watch it with pleasure. Fufufu (Devilish Laugh)

– Reading Educational Men Magazines


The Cover looks gay, but i got a lot of infos from it. Most of them involving me becoming a stylish guy (which i can’t afford right now)  but it’s content on healthy life is educational and help me improve my life (well, the part about exercising outdoor or having a balanced meal isn’t doable because Jakarta’s dusty and sometimes i can’t control my food intake ^^).  Almost forgot, there are also sexy girls pics in it ^^, no wonder a lot of single male and some of married (or should i say chained) male bought it.

Well, this is some of my activities. I will write ’bout others when i can online again.

I accidentally found this PV Yesterday, It’s Sheryl !!!! Well, the song is our usual j-pop song but it’s May’n and i’ve been a huge fan of her since she released Macross Frontier soundtracks- with her memorable role as singing voice of sheryl Nome (銀河の妖精)


May’n Space

For those of you who don’t know her :

Diamond no Crevasse :

Lion :

Northern Cross :

It took more than a month when i finally decide to post another part of my blog.

After graduation, i needed some time to sort out my feelings and mind because  i’ll face a new part of my life : working life, and that makes me scared because my future is not decided makes me feel insecure. That’s one of my weakness, but on the other side is also my strength, the ability to overthink.  On one side, i can become a negative person that think bad of others but this become useful when i can predict about others behavior and respond to it. After struggling thinking ’bout that right now i just do what i can rather than being negative and sit idly staring at the sky.


I’m now confident that i can work hard like this guy, and have a good rest like that too.

After finishing my study and became the Bachelor of Psychology at 13 February 2009, I took a break for 2 weeks enjoying life. Then at 28 February 2009, the day that my friend Andri (the little one), tomi (the pedophile), hegen (born at 1970) dan adit’s graduation ceremony i receive a shocking news. One of my friends in palembang, Hadi passed away after coma for about 3 weeks. It’s just too sudden, and i think a lot about this event. I finally realize that time is very expensive, u can buy anything but those time that you’ve wasted. I know that time is essential but now i appreciate it more than before. To Hadi, wish you all the best there and thank you for everything…

Sad Man

Currently addicted to her PV, i’m not a fan of her but after listening to this PV maybe i’ll look for her albums.


You can download this PV here